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Once we’re happy that you’re happy, we sneak off and indulge our guilty pleasure: tapping at the keys, sharing tips, news and wisdom from the conferencing and events world. Geeks? Ahem...

Adding the Wow Factor to Your Conference

September 21, 2017

Let’s just admit it. Conferences can be boring. While this may not be the desired outcome for the conference planner, it often is the reality for your delegates. We want to avoid boring conferences. So how do we avoid planning a boring conference? We include a ‘Conference Wow Factor’! You may have planned your conference […]

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It’s a Coffee Date

July 12, 2017

At Focus Rooms, we believe the mid-morning coffee break is essential to the productivity of any meeting or conference and we have some science types to back us up. This is why we make sure our bottomless tea and coffee stations are always topped up and ready. Besides being able to rattle off a few […]

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Location Location Location

June 26, 2017

Location may seem like a no brainer when picking a venue for your upcoming conference, training or event but what makes the ideal location?   One of the biggest deciding factors is where the venue is situated and how it is accessed. This can’t only be convenient for you but must be easily accessible for […]

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Pop Secret

May 2, 2017

The origins of popcorn seem somewhat elusive to most of us. Where does it come from? Who discovered it? What makes it a Focus Rooms favourite conference snack? When was the first kernel popped? And how did it become so popular? We consulted our inhouse popcorn popping expert to get the history of this a-maize-ing […]

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