5 Ways to Motivate Employees

5 Ways to Motivate Employees

Mental Health in the Workplace

It’s been over a year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and one thing is very clear. This experience has not been easy for anyone.

There has been more work and personal pressure on the shoulders of the staff of almost every company. Then this stress is compounded by the reality of working remotely or with unfamiliar systems.

These compounding factor could potentially put an unfathomable amount of strain on your employees’ mental wellbeing.

How to Motivate Employees as a Manager

All influential leaders and managers know that keeping aware of your staff’s state of being and implementing a strategy to increase motivation is a crucial business responsibility. The healthier and happier an employee is, the more effective they are in their role.

There are many scary facts out there about how lockdown restrictions can negatively impact your team’s mental health. We have decided to Focus on the positive and come up with solutions. In this article, we cover the 5 ways to motivate employees.

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) stated to Spotlight in 2020 that “A combination of support (at work and socially), a sense of ‘taking action’ and some level of control, and hope are mitigating factors for stress and trauma. From years of study we know that as hope levels increase, trauma and stress symptoms decrease”.

1 – Effective Communication in the Workplace

South Africans’ seem to be part of the most resilient in the world. A magnificent trait to have but is also a double-edged sword. Most tend to keep quiet and “get on with it” instead of dealing with the underlying issues affecting work performance.

By speaking about the emotional effects of Covid-19 and talking openly about mental health, you can change a staff member’s world without even being aware of it. It’s vital that your team know that they are not alone, and they can approach you about the real reason they are feeling demotivated. This option can create feelings of trust and loyalty in your team.

Active Listening | Focus Rooms
Effective Communication in the Workplace | Focus Rooms

2 – Active Listening

By reaching out and starting this conversation, you can naturally expect feedback. Be ready for it. If your team feels heard, they will thrive and be less prone to feelings of being alone.

As a bonus, a manager that listens is more likely to receive insightful ideas to improve business processes. Implementing what your staff have requested will inspire them to ensure an end result of success.

3 – Inclusive Workplace Practices

Humans by nature are a social species, and thus require interactions and cooperation with others to thrive and effectively survive within their environment (Nature Human Behaviour, 2020)

Social distancing practices and remote working can increase feelings of isolation. This can be extremely discouraging to employees. It is critical to include ALL staff in social events, meetings, lunches, team building and more.

Make sure no man or woman gets left behind! It will then push everyone forward.

Inclusive Workplace Practices | Focus Rooms
Encouraging Employees - Events | Focus Rooms

4 – Employee Encouragement

When managers recognise employees’ contribution, their engagement increases by 60% – Greatify, 2016

If you want to make your team feel passionate about the company and their work – acknowledge them.

Tell your team that you’re impressed with them for how they have been handling the pandemic’s unchartered territory. Let them know you’re proud of them. Communicate feelings of hope and belief of a great future for the company and their roles in it. These words can be a massive motivator.

5 – Unusual Team-Building Events

Of the 5 ways to motivate your employees, this is the fastest and most effective way to boost your team’s energy. Plan and host an empowering, fun and inspiring team-building event.

At Focus Rooms, we set up safe social distancing layouts that still allow for impressive social events. Our team will help you organise something unique that genuinely inspires your team and sends them off, ready to achieve more.

In one fell swoop, hosting a conference can action all five of the above motivation techniques.

Team Building Events | Focus Rooms Blog

The Advantages of Conferences

Our next article delves into the advantages of conferences and how it improves staff and client relationships. Keep an eye out for it and get quick valuable tips to build continued success.

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