Achievable New Years’ Resolutions Ideas

Achievable New Years’ Resolutions to Pack 2023 Full of Fun

Funny and Attainable Resolution Ideas

Well, it’s that time again, and we’re sure you’ve got some good goals in mind!
If not, here’s a list of some achievable New Years’ Resolutions to help you get started.

Throw a Comforter Over Your Bed in The Morning

Let’s get real. Who has the time to make their bed every morning?

So, first on the list of achievable New Years’ Resolutions is this life hack. Buy a comforter and just throw that over your sleep space as a quick clean-up strategy.

Look at you, you neat freak!

Open The Curtains When You Wake Up

This is a small change that will make a big difference. Opening your curtains or blinds in the morning lets you see out, but also gives others the treat of seeing beautiful you!

It also opens up your room to natural light, which helps you wake up more easily.

Do Squats in the Shower

Let’s get real. Unless you’re a bodybuilder or a PT, going to the gym 5 times or more a week is completely unrealistic.

There are other ways that will help you build that booty and have a giggle while doing so!
Squats are one of the best exercises out there and can be worked into your daily routine.

Live Your Best Life and Dance Like No One Is Watching Once a Week

Start 2023 with a bang by taking part in a fun activity that will leave you feeling great and set the tone for the year to come. Dance anywhere, anytime!

When you hear your favourite tunes on the radio or shuffle on your phone, take it as an invitation to get up and dance. You don’t even have to let anyone know what you’re doing – just turn up the volume and shake it out.

Buy Frozen Veg So You Can Eat Them Before They Become Green Goop in The Bottom of the Fridge

You can have your broccoli and eat it too. Even if it takes you a couple of weeks to get there. No more wasted trips to woollies.

Unfriend Those Over Sharers of Unsolicited Diet or Exercise Regimen

You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life?

Do Enough Yoga to Justify Wearing Yoga Pants 24/7

Yoga pants are comfortable and they’re great for wearing just about anywhere. This year, how about justifying their over-usage by doing the thing they are designed for; even if it’s once every two months.

Be Okay with Making More Than One Trip to Bring in Groceries

We know how awesome it feels when you make it inside without having to make more than one trip from the car to the kitchen. Plus, it’s probably your secret to toned arms. Keep reaching for the stars! But if you can’t do it every time, remember that this is okay too.

Spend One Night Ending Every Sip of Your Drink with an Enthusiastic, “Ahhhhh, Baby!”

When the post-holiday work weeks get a little mundane, plan this fun evening with your buddies. You will feel wonderfully awkward and laugh the night away.

Stop Stealing Lighters

You don’t have to be a smoker to have picked up this habit.
It’s time you put an end to finding freshly washed lighters in your pants pocket.

Drink your coffee while it’s hot

Spoil yourself and drink your cuppa joe while it’s still piping.
If you’re a parent, just try finishing it at all.

Stop Collecting Water Bottles in Your Car

We know that the clinking of glass water bottles was a great jingling addition to the festive season, but it’s time for those babies to go!

Communicate in Memes More

Share those feelings with this laugh-inducing visual aid.

Unashamedly Wear PJs in Public

For just once in your life wouldn’t it be awesome to roll out of bed, go straight to the shops and buy your movie day snacks?! We say go for it!

While we’re at it, maybe try not to set 3 alarms every night only to switch them all off with the first one the next morning.

Get Your Dogs to Take You on More Walks

Let’s be honest, your fur babies probably pull you along more than anything else. They get their fun, you get moving more, and getting outdoors can only be pawsome!

Cheer Up Office Friends by Participating in Obscure Holidays

A fun way to cheer up your office friends is by participating in obscure holidays like Two Different Coloured Shoes Day.

Make Up Elaborate Backstories About Annoying Co-Workers

If you’re looking for achievable New Years’ Resolutions that keep you chill with colleagues, this is the place to start. Keep them in your head, of course. The more elaborate, the more you can internally laugh irritabilities away.

Watch more funny cat videos before bed

Life is short. You might as well do what makes you happy now. Not everyone has to be an avid reader. If funny cat videos before bed is what brings you joy, well then own it!

Eat More Fruit… Flavoured Sweets

Balance is so important.

Stop Complaining About Wanting Winter to End and Then Complaining It’s Too Hot in Summer

This year, as one of your achievable New Years’ Resolutions, embrace the weather. Cold? Make a yummy cup of Milo.
Hot? Divebomb into a pool.

Go on, drink pina colada’s and get caught in the rain!

Learn A New Joke Every Time You Get Loadshedding

Turn the literal dark into light and hand out those dad jokes to friends or even strangers. Just be lekker.

Loudly Repeat the Hadada Call Every Time You Hear It

When you hear our Joburg vuvuzela, shock everyone and do it too. You will get people to giggle for days!

Actually Learn the Lyrics of Your Favourite Songs

It’s about time to stop singing that you want to break trees (I want to break free).
Do your peeps a favour and finally learn those words.

Break Your New Year’s Resolution and Don’t Feel Guilty

At Focus Rooms we are big believers in enjoying every moment and having as much fun as possible!
We hope this for everyone else too.

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