Adding the Wow Factor to Your Conference

Let’s just admit it. Conferences can be boring. While this may not be the desired outcome for the conference planner, it often is the reality for your delegates. We want to avoid boring conferences. So how do we avoid planning a boring conference? We include a ‘Conference Wow Factor’!

You may have planned your conference from start to finish with brilliant content, the perfect speakers, an amazing venue and scrumptious food but have this feeling that your event is still missing that special something. Know this feeling? We’re familiar. BUT we also know the solution. We call it the ‘Conference Wow Factor’ or CWF for short – the term gets thrown around our Engine Room a lot when our Dedicated Coordinators are adding the finishing touches to your event.

So what is a CWF? We don’t mean aerial acrobats or flash mobs. Nothing brings a “school girl” air of excitement to a room of top level management like a good-looking spread. We’re not talking your average arrival canapés here. Think bright colours, variety, personal choice and really happy bellies. Here are our top picks:

Champagne and cupcakes

In the famous words of Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”! A perfect end to a multi-day, grueling strategy session. After all, what better way to celebrate the end of a meeting than with champagne?


Ice Cream Bar

The variety here is endless. Swap out the ice cream with frozen yoghurt for the more health conscious and top with nuts and berries. Happens to be your cheat day? Go all in with chocolate, sprinkles and caramel sauce!


Candy Bar

Perfect if you have a colour scheme to stick to! Little paper bags allow you to take a piece of the conference home with you too.


Not sure how to add the CWF to your next event? Get in contact with our Dedicated Coordinators or Talk To Us below and we’ll have you grinning in no time!

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