Berry Refreshing Infused Water

Since participating in Plastic Free July, we’ve made a couple of permanent changes to reduce our plastic waste. We’ve banned plastic straws entirely and now we are phasing out plastic water bottles too. Our delegates can now enjoy fresh fruit, citrus and herb infused filtered water on tap in their conference and meeting rooms, and on our refreshment stations too.

Besides eliminating another unnecessary single use plastic, there are also plenty of other benefits of switching to fruit infused water. Here are some of them:

Water Assists Flushing Toxins

While your body naturally detoxes itself, drinking water aids this process by flushing your system and making sure all these toxins reach your liver and other organs where they are filtered out.

Skin Health Benefits

Drinking adequate water is brilliant for promoting clear skin and evening complexions. Hydrating your skin is only part using moisturising creams. Majority of this happens by drinking enough water.

Healthy Array of Natural Antioxidants and Vitamins

Adding fruits and herbs to your water has the added benefit of adding antioxidants and vitamins to your water.

Better Flavour

Some people just don’t like the taste of water. Or should we say the lack of taste? Adding fruit to your water gives it a gentle flavour which can make it more appealing!


It almost goes without saying that the biggest benefit to drinking water is that it keeps you hydrated. This keeps you alert and functioning and is vital your body’s internal processes. You can’t concentrate without being hydrated which is why we offer unlimited filtered water on tap the whole day during your conference, meeting and training.

Need some water infusing inspiration?

Here are our favourite combinations:


Cucumber & Mint

Pineapple & Mint

Watermelon & basil

Grape & Orange

Oranges & Blueberries

Strawberry & Lemon

Want more powerful and refreshing combinations? Look here!



Is flavoured water not quite your thing? Our fabulous Summer Smoothie recipes may be more your speed! 

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