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Feeling a bit of a slump or just wanting some new ideas on how to take your productivity up a notch? We’ve got a few ideas that may help you beat through that to do list in record time. And leave you still feeling ready for more once you reach the end!


Create a to do list

Yes, predictable but it’s the best place to start.

Now, take that list and make it reasonable. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Your list should be achievable with consideration of what else you have scheduled for the day.


Set small goals

Have a look at your to do list and set due dates and time limits on the tasks at hand. Maybe you need to take one item on your list and break it up into 2 or 3 parts to make it more achievable? Smaller goals are a great way for you to burn through your list in a manageable pace. It will also help you feel like you’ve achieved and still up for achieving more!


Work on one project at a time

Sometimes our brains can end up a bit like our browsers; 37 tabs open, 4 of them aren’t loading, music coming from at least one which you can’t find and every second page has pop ups which aren’t disabled. Let’s avoid this train wreck all together. Focus your time on one task at a time. Work through the entire thing to completion and then tick it off your list and move on.

Spending too much time on complicated tasks that are resulting in you diminishing all your motivation? Set a timer. Once the time limit has been reached, save your work, close and jump onto an achievable task. Keep the ball rolling. Then, return to it with your timer reset and hustle!


Prioritise your work

Spend the first 90 minutes of your day working on the most important tasks. This comes highly recommended by HR Guru, Robin Sharma  and sets you up for focus and success in your day. The question is, what is the most important to you and your success?


Follow ups

Find a method to streamline the follow up process. A huge time waster is often scrambling to find where you are standing on a project, who’s hands it’s currently in, and what the hold up is. Perhaps you need project tracking software  or maybe it’s as simple as establishing deadlines and setting reminders on dates for them to be followed up on.


If all else fails, look at pictures of cuddly animals. This is not just to make you feel better, surprisingly. A Japanese scientific study to measure attention spans was done in 2012. It found that looking at cute things prolongs focus and attention. We’re not joking – find the study here! We’ve got some great resources for this if you need.

Or, just hand over the planning and coordinating of your next event to us and free up a bunch of your time. Our expertise and enthusiasm in conferences, training, meetings, and events will make you look great and have people asking you just how you manage to do it all.

Send us your dates now!

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