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Calling All Superheroes And Heroines.

Careers at Focus Rooms | Focus Rooms

Calling All Superheroes And Heroines.

We want only the most aspiring kind of superheroes and heroines on our team. Is that you?

Send your current CV to and include which department you think you would be most suited to in the subject line.
While we may not always have positions open, we’re always looking for the unique, the talented and the out of the ordinary!


A people person? A find a solution to the smallest issue kind of person? A driven, goal smashing, call making, quote-generating machine? Whether you have a few months of experience or 10 years, our sales may be looking for someone who packs an extra punch!


Can you crack a smile on even the toughest cookie? 5-star service with a sense of humour? A team player and all-round service ambassador? Think you can take our team to the next level?


A stickler for the finest details while keeping the bigger picture in mind? Ring leader when dealing with multiple suppliers, your team and client? Have experience in the eventing and conferencing world? Become a team player in our superhero team of Dedicated Coordinators and leave your mark in beyond-you-imagination events.


Fickler for numbers and details? Know all the tricks in Excel? Know exactly where everything is kept? Our back of house team is just as important as the front of house. Help keep our core strong and our engine going at full steam.

*Submitting your CV does not constitute an immediate response or interview. Focus Rooms reserves the right to fill vacancies at their discretion if an opportunity becomes available. The above is not a reflection or an advertisement of available vacancies, merely an opportunity to present oneself for potential future opportunities.