Your Morning Coffee with a View at Focus Rooms Conference & Event Venue

The best way to drink your coffee? With a View.

They say the early bird gets the worm, but here at Focus Rooms, everyone gets the worm, the hot coffee, the 5 min neck massage, the popcorn, the fresh brain-fruit smoothies, the world renowned Focus Rooms welcome and service, and the complimentary WiFi.

The reasons not to arrive early are few and far between. So why not arrive early and skip the traffic. Take the opportunity to take in the magical 180 degree views of Johannesburg while you relax and refocus before your next meeting, conference or event.

In the chilly mornings, make sure to grab a spot in the sun and have your mug is filled up from our refreshment station boasting a wide selection of teas, infused water, fresh fruit juices, hot chocolate and various coffees! We wrote on why coffee is so great for you a while back, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are 7 More Reasons Why Coffee is Good for You! No reason not to grab that second cup before heading into your meeting.

So, skip the city traffic. Arrive early. Fill up your coffee mug and take in the views at our roof top venue.

Our scrumptous refreshment stations are included in our Day Conference Packages. You know your delegates will be getting the best when you book with us.  And no need to wonder – our views are included as well.

Need more reason to book? We’ve got a few right here:

Ready to book? Well let’s get right to it!

Hop on over to our Contact Page to get our deets and then share yours with us – we’ll get the full scoop on how we can get More than you expect from your booking in no more than 2 business hours.

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