Combatting Digital Fatigue in Your Business

Combatting Digital Fatigue in Your Business

How to Grow Your Business in a Pandemic

If your company has survived or thrived in this past year, it is safe to assume that you have found a key aspect to succeeding in our current economic climate; Flexibility.

If this rings true to you, then you know that comfort zones are in the past, and intuitive business models are here to stay.

How to Overcome Digital Fatigue as an Obstacle in Your Marketing and Sales Strategy

The newest issue that’s testing business agility is the very real challenge of digital fatigue.

After a full year of working more remotely and migrating processes to be cloud-based, people are feeling burnt out. This is exactly what digital fatigue is. It’s the mental exhaustion and loss of engagement caused when people are constantly required to use cyber forums.

This is a threat that is causing solid leads to turn cold, or bore prospects from the get-go. The good news? Just by recognising this as a genuine problem that needs solving, you are already a massive step ahead of the competition.

We’re here to help. In this article, we break down some effective ways you can combat digital fatigue.

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Condense Your Content into Bite Sized Pieces

Consumers spend hours in online meetings and are forced to do almost everything online. From work, to shopping to even social interactions. This means that people no longer have the patience to look for information, and when they find it, it needs to catch attention.

The less time people have to spend online, the better.

Assess your marketing strategy and content. If it’s going to take someone more than five minutes to understand what your business offerings are, it’s too long. Make sure your content communicates your service quickly and efficiently.

Find a unique angle to target your clientele

Don’t fall into the trap of merely repeating what another company is saying. If it feels like the obvious thing to say, rather change the subject.

Remember in March when it felt like every company, both B2B and B2C, was chanting something along the lines of “brighter days ahead” and “we’ll get through this” and “how are you holding up?”

No message stood out from the crowd. To create buzz and traction in your next marketing campaign, challenge your content creators to find new powerful ways to reach your goals. No short cuts allowed.

Combatting Digital Fatigue in Your Business - Unique Angle | Focus Rooms

Pro-Tip: Host fun and value-added events to increase brand interaction and business loyalty.

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Go the Route of Account-Based Marketing and Tailor Every Message

People have seemingly unlimited options when it comes to the exact service or product they want. This means your company has to work even harder to make a lasting impression.

Account-based marketing is the exact type of sales approach that thrives in an environment like the present. Utilise personalised content that’s curated for a specific audience or individual account.

By identifying the exact type of buyer you would like to target, and what problems they need solving, you will set yourself up for success. Make your audience feel like you care about them and that they are not just another number.

Never Underestimate the Power of Networking

The time to get back to basics is now. Yes, this is part of being flexible in our current environment. Especially in a world full of people feeling the effects of digital fatigue.

There is a distinct thirst for the nostalgia of face-to-face meetings and simpler days where human interaction was less complicated. When marketing yourself to a company, consider arranging a social event or presentation in person while keeping social distancing protocols in place.

Meeting in person still has the same effect as it always has. While more accustomed to digital relationships, companies and consumers are still more inclined to trust and value the tangible aspect that human interaction brings.

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Encourage and Embrace Innovation

It has become clear that success belongs to those that are innovative. Current events and internal growth will always push companies into places where they ride the wave like a pro, or let it come crashing down on them.

The kind of creativity and courage required to attain constant transformation is intimidating and completely achievable. Listening and building onto the fresh, confident voices of your employees is what will get you there.

Include your team and ask them for their perspectives on how to improve business processes, products, services, sales techniques and marketing. Foster their input by implementing an internal reward system that acknowledges and awards those that:

  • Get the most constructive client feedback
  • Present effective solutions

But First – Back To Basics

The age of digital is upon us, and it’s here to stay. As long as you harness the advantages that this presents and remember marketing and sales fundamentals, your company will flourish.

Now is the time to start building your internal confidence and get passionate again. Begin engaging in face-to-face meetings again. Plan that networking event. Inspire yourself, your employees and your loyal clients by hosting those powerful conferences!

By implementing all of the above during these difficult times, you can set yourself up to become a leader in your industry.

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