Focus Rooms reflects on the power of women in business

The Power of Women in Business

Have You Thought About the Women at Work Lately?

With Women’s Month around the corner, we are pausing to appreciate the powerful females in the working world.

There is no doubt that both men and women bring something unique and valuable to the table. However, women in business face a very particular set of challenges. There is also evidence that having women in the workplace has benefits.

Female-Owned Businesses are a Blessing

Ok, maybe we are a bit biased. Some fierce women lead Focus Rooms in business. As a successful female-owned business, we have seen first-hand the benefits of female empowerment in the workplace.

We’re not just waxing lyrical. There are hard and fast facts that women benefit the workplace.

Female Company Founders Outperform Their Male Counterparts

The Boston Consulting Group conducted a study of over 350 companies. It found that male-led startup companies made 31 cents for every dollar of investment. Female-run startups generated nearly double this.

Interestingly it also found that women had less than half the investment capital men did to start.

Women in Business are More Aware of Corporate Social Responsibility

Research from the University of California shows that companies with female board members prioritise environmental and social issues. Similar studies found that today’s consumers lean towards companies with strong social and environmental values.

Diversity Breeds Innovation

Don’t get us wrong. We are not suggesting that men have no place in our working world. Embracing diversity is essential to a healthily functioning workforce.

Men and women bring different things to the table. The collaboration of these various views is where the magic happens. At Focus Rooms, although we are female-led, we aim to cultivate an inclusive culture. We are lucky to have some great male colleagues.

Leadership Requires a Softer Approach from Time to Time

Some of the world’s most successful CEOs place qualities like compassion and integrity on their value list.

In 2016, the Hay Group conducted a study that found women were better at conflict management than men. Many underate soft skills such as self-awareness, adaptability and empathy in the corporate world. However, companies led by people with these abilities often experience a better return on their assets.

Never Underestimate the Value of Teamwork

This coming Women’s Month, we encourage you to recognise women in business. Whatever advantage you feel they bring to your workplace, encourage and appreciate them. However, never forget that no one person or gender can carry a company.

At Focus Rooms, we all work towards the same goal, regardless of gender. We find that the best way to achieve this is to come together and embrace our teamwork. Get your team on the same page while celebrating your women at work with a Focus Rooms event!

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