Funny Working From Home Stories – Competition Entries

Funny Working From Home Stories – Competition Entries

With more and more people working from home, funny stories of zoom fails, misbehaving pets, hilarious children interruptions, and more have become the norm. Every person has their own funny work from home stories or know of someone else’s.

We’ve decided that it’s time for us all to share the joy in our latest competition. Speaking of sharing the joy, we’ve partnered with one fantastic brand to make these activities a little sweeter.

The winner of our working from home competition will receive a luxury hamper worth R1000!

Renuka Lallbahadur

I was hosting a zoom meeting and for some odd reason I wasn’t able to open the document that was required. I spent a good week collating this training material and I started to feel hot under the collar because I had all these attendees and they were just waiting. In my state of panic I opened my music folder and the song Jerusalema starting playing, my niece who was visiting started singing at the top of her lungs, then decided to add some dance moves with the singing. Most embarrassing moment of my existence #workingfromhome #hamper #prize #win#competition #hamper #remoteworking Hamper World

Lindelani S Magida

I was having a meeting with my Supervisor the laptop went of while meeting in progress.#RemoteWorking.

Ren Alda

#workingfromhome I was with a customer on the phone that wanted to buy tupperware and my little girl farted, the lady on the line went silent, and I said sorry that was my little girl, and she replied, it’s OK she can give me a few minutes if i need to go, call her when I’m done

Tashi Comps

My husband was on a conference call with his big bosses n the mans name is Simon.
My 5 yr old was running around, he stopped at the desk and screams. “SIMON SAYS, HANDS UP”……
The entire team burst out laughing. All his boss had to say was, alrighty then. And he was laughing as well.
#gift #hamper
Focus Rooms

Sha Chetty

Liked and sharing post
I was busy on a zoom meeting and my hubby walks in wearing his neon green speedo swimwear ready for a swim and he loudly says hun where is the sunblock and my three kids follow and my little one says mommy mommy look at daddy’s beer belly. Sooo embarrassing I had to keep a straight face trying hard not to laugh
Lesson learnt I should locked the room door now my work colleagues know what hubby looks like in a speedo swimwear
Not easy working from home with hubby and three little ones.
#hamper #Gift

Farhana Siddiqui

#hamper #Gift
Focus Rooms
My neighbour has been working from home since lockdown, so I went to see her at 9am on a weekday, she was all dressed up, make up and a fancy top, but still had her pyjama pants it was so hilarious so I understood she does work and video calls and has to look presentable, but it was too funny… Shout out to all the Moms working from home.

Robyn Moss

I was on an online meeting presenting a class and my 3 kids were at home. I had instructed them to be quiet for the hour. My son was on the couch and was watching his phone. He kept turning the volume up and eventually I was throwing pens at him to try and get him to turn his volume down, At one stage i hit mute and shouted at him to get to his room but when I turned back to the computer all the people were laughing because I hadnt muted properly so they all heard me shouting @Focus Rooms Hamper World#prize #hamper #workingFromHome

Beverly Naicker

# hamper so my story goes like this working from home has been very 11 yr old daughter and 6yr old son always fighting like cats abd and dogs so when I recently scolded saying I dont want to see yourl for the rest of the day…this letter was delivered to me

Natisha Singh

My hubby and i work from home. And in lockdown our nine yr old son was at home with us. It was month end time and we were both busy trying to finish up. Our son was getting dressed and ran to us crying. He was crying so much that we could not hear him. But we managed to figure out that he was trying to tell us that his favourite t shirt went in the wash and now the Dinosaur picture had come out.. He was mad at me for washing it in the first place.. I did not know what to tell him so i told him i would try to buy another t shirt.. A few minutes later he came back…. He discovered he had worn the t shirt inside out…… The Dino was still there………. We had a good laugh… #WorkingFromHOme #hamper #prize Focus RoomsHamper World

Padmani Moodley

Focus Rooms
Hamper World #prize #hamper
#WorkingFromHome I was really so excited to stay home and work in peace of mine no travelling ,dressing up ,and waking up 3 each morning for work .but little did i know my peace of would change because my little 9 year always had to stay home she call my name more times then my boss She i made her a deal with her to behave and be in her room while i do my virtual video meeting and it was all set she dress me up in a clown costume and did make up were my nose was red as a tomatoe .very scary blues eyes and black lipstick When she show me the mirror of her art work on my face it scared the hell out of me So we had a great laugh…i took her to the kitchen to dig into our tub of chocolate when i realized im late for my virtual meeting rushing to my laptop i swiched it on to fine my boss and co workers looking at me like they seen a gost I could of die then and there with embarrassment.they laugh out so loud .and later i had to apologize for looking like a clown..i was furious at the time .but now looking back i think its a highlight of my life and my precious angel …when i grow old ill have this moment to make me smile

Tasneem Maganlal

My husband was working from home and while he was on a video call my daughter started screaming from the toilet….. COME WASH MY BUM

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