Gathering an Event Brief

How to Compile the Ideal Event Brief

Where to Start?

Planning an event can seem overwhelming. Especially when your boss is counting on you to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Where do you even begin?

That’s where a detailed event brief comes in.

What is an Event Brief?

Think of your brief as a map with your occasion as the destination. It provides direction for you and your team.

What should it Contain?

When it comes to planning a corporate event, the stakes are high. It helps if you get as much information and time as possible to plan an unforgettable occasion. However, it is crucial to ensure you have the correct info. Here’s what should be in your event brief, so things go off without a hitch.

The List of Specific Requirements

Depending on your industry or the tastes of your boss, event specifications change drastically. Are they looking for a relaxed atmosphere or something more formal? Do they want a single large conference room or a space with additional breakaway options?

Identifying the purpose and goals of the event will help to answer these questions. You should also establish what type of event is required. It could be a conference, a workshop, a training session, a team building or a recognition awards event. There are many event options, and each needs a different approach.

However, you need to ask if there are any specific fine details your boss expects.

Are There Any Deal Makers or Breakers?

Certain aspects of a venue make or break an event. Cover yourself by getting a clear idea of your boss’s non-negotiables.

What Venue Aspects are of Highest Importance?

Ask the powers that be what they value most from a venue. Not every venue can give you everything you need.

Luckily, at Focus Rooms, we come pretty darn close! The versatility of our venue is infinite. We offer spaces ranging from a small session with ten delegates to 700 delegates. For large capacity events, our venue boasts 15 breakaway areas.

The Full Exclusivity Package is ideally suited when you need total privacy for delicate material discussions. It also gives your teams or guests the feeling of their exclusive value to you.

The Questions You Need to Ask

We’ve put together a list of helpful questions to help you compile your event brief.

What is your preferred location?

Your boss may want a venue far enough from the office to keep you focused on the event. However, it still needs to be accessible to your team or delegates.

No one wants to sit in hours of traffic on their way to or from an event. Getting to Focus Rooms is a breeze. Our various turn off lanes allow easy access, which means no getting stuck behind that pesky Sandton traffic!

Focus Rooms is conveniently situated just off the N1, 7kms from Sandton and 12kms from OR Tambo International Airport.

What is the budget?

Put a smile on your accountant’s face by getting a clear budget and sticking to it.

At Focus Rooms, we work on packages, discuss what you need and adjust our offers accordingly. So, you get super flexible options without compromising on your experience. Premium service levels within budget, now that is sure to make you look good with your bosses.

What experience do you want at the venue?

This is possibly one of the most important questions! It dictates the type of venue for which you should look.

Focus Rooms caters to your imagination when it comes to experience. We can give you laid back and relatable or black-tie formality. The choice is yours.

At Focus Rooms, the experience comes across through our rare, respectful, and distinctive work culture. We are a team, and this feeds through to all our guests. We believe that when we are authentic, our guests can feel it.
Come and experience our priceless culture.

Is tech important?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to double-check this. Poor technology can significantly distract from an event if speakers rely heavily on presentations. Be prepared by noting the required tech in your brief.

Focus Rooms has high-tech presentation equipment in our rooms. We also have a digital studio for any hybrid events.

We can provide a variety of set-ups. From a straightforward projector, screen, and mic set to “the full monty” in our Hybrid Studio. Our high tech set-up features a large LED screen, cameras, lights, and lots of action.

What parking facilities do you need?

Find out whether your delegates are being transported in busses, sharing cars, or using individual vehicles for large events. This will dictate the parking capacity required. Regardless of size, it is always crucial to check that a venue’s parking facilities are safe and secure.

Focus Rooms has an extensive and secure parking facility. We even have a pimped-up golf cart to take you to the front door. The best part? Our parking is complimentary.

Do you want catering included?

The way to your delegates’ hearts is through their stomachs. Everyone works better when they are well-fed. However, the length and budget of your event will dictate your catering.

Food makes or breaks your event. You must get and give a proper brief. This way, your menu fits the flow and personality of your event.

We can give you several food presentation options. We offer standard buffets, roaming cocktail snacks, and harvest style meals. Our individually packed lunches or snacks are ideal from a covid perspective.

At Focus Rooms, our food is our pride and joy. We tailor-make our menus to fit your brief, budget, type of event and most importantly, your guests.

Let Us Work Our Magic on Your Event Brief

Once you have your brief, you can hit the ground running. At Focus Rooms, we take your instructions and exceed your expectations.

Bring us your event brief, and let us throw you an out of this world event.

We are here to make you look good and serve you with humility and pride.

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