Get Those Braai Coals Burning!

September marks the start of spring and as well as the start of Braai season! We don’t think its coincidence that Heritage Day, also known as National Braai Day, just so happens to be in the same month. We’ll be celebrating Heritage Day by letting you in on what you’ll find on our tables at home which make our South African BBQ’s a braai.

It’s not a Braai without…


Garlic Bread:

This is a braai standard; every household should include a delicious loaf wrapped in foil on the coals. Unwrapping this beauty at the table revealing its butter and garlic goodness is a sensation we can all relate to!–/?tagged=garlicbread

Quick tip: add some chopped parsley into the garlic butter for a fresh, herby twist!



Is it really a braai with out wors? Quite simply, it is not. Even the most selective braai masters have a favourite for their grills!

Quick tip: get the thin strips for a hot-off-the-braai starter to keep the mouth watering at bay!



Whether you par-cook them and then pop them directly on the braai or wrap them in foil and butter and slow cook them around the outside of the coals, this is a dish that will always find its way onto everyone’s plates.


Pork Rashers:

Not every one is a pork fan but for those who are, rashers are the holy grail of the grill. You can’t go wrong!

Quick tip: up the game with a glaze made from barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, mustard and paprika.


Grilled mushrooms:

This is a perfect addition for the non-meat lovers who still want a place on the coals! Topped with garlic and cheese, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Braai broedtjies:

A traditional favourite for a quick snack or an addition on your plate. The possibilities are endless with the filling you can make for braai broedtjies.

Quick tip: Add some chilli to your cheese broetjies for an extra bite!



Don’t forget your greens and veg! A fresh green garden salad and a three-bean salad are perfect compliments on a hot braai day. Potato salad is always a winner as well.

Quick tip: add some mustard to your potato salad dressing for a sophisticated finish.


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