How to Be Resilient During the Third Wave

How to Be Resilient During the Third Wave

A Letter to You from Marisa Scott – Our Managing Director

Let’s not sugar coat it – it’s been a tough year, going on two. BUT WE’RE TOUGHER! You’re tougher!

The intensity of the third wave, the effects of lockdown level four, my loved ones and myself going through Covid-19 infection, and watching my fantastic staff members having to deal with more stress and heartache than anyone should in a lifetime has pushed me into reflection.

How can I support everyone? How can we support more than just ourselves? How do we stay motivated right now?

This reminded me of a quote by D.H. Sidebottom; “Stars can’t shine without darkness”. That’s what we all are – Bright, big, magnificent STARS. I see it in the laughter at the coffee stations, the sparkle in our eyes when we are reunited after a while, and in the depth of love everyone has to share.

So, we need to shine. Feel the shine. Be the shine. But how?
This reminded me of another lovely quote. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” – Unknown

It comes back to my favourite word – FOCUS.
I feel we need to focus on keeping mentally strong right now. It’s important that we remember to take care of ourselves and inspire others to do the same. Yes, we all have responsibilities that can’t be ignored, but we need to remember to schedule in some “me time”. Above all, remember kindness. Be kind to yourself and others. We’re all going through it, after all.

With that said, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the HOW. So, I turned to the best – My wonderful Focus Rooms team. I asked them “What is keeping you mentally strong during this time?”

I got some great answers. Some of them also happily agreed to share it here with the hopes that it supports you with some ideas on how to fill your owns cups and be resilient.

Eddie Da Silva – General Manager

Our GM, Eddie, gets his daily endorphins pumping with a morning run (or dragging) with his dog Moose.

His daily exercise helps him feel healthy and get motivated for the day ahead. It also has the happy side benefit of keeping his lovely wife happy ?

His four legged companion of course think it’s all about him.

Celine Bapanayya – Sales & Events Coordinator

For Celine, keeping zen comes from her evening alone time. She puts aside some time to block out the world and escape in some quality entertainment.

What this means to her is pouring a glass of chilled wine (when it’s available) and getting comfy on the couch with a fluffy blanket. Celine then turns to her favourite Netflix shows for a few hours before winding down for bed.

Jodie Kotze – Sales & Events Coordinator

Jodie is a special soul that holds the well-being of her family at the centre of everything she does. But, don’t worry, she still remembers to take care of herself. She even works out with her son Taytin every day.

For them, this is a fun and healthy activity that keeps them connected through many giggles.

Any parent will know that “me time” can’t necessarily be “alone time”. So, it’s super impressive that Jodie has found this creative solution!

Tebogo Mogane – Sales & Events Coordinator

Tebogo stays mentally and physically fit with a good ol’ fashioned daily workout! This amazing lady is the epitome of power, and her activities are too.

This daily exercise helps her work through any of her stresses from yesterday and get focused on what she wants to achieve for the day ahead. The beautiful view from her garden also recentres her on her inner strength. It gets her confident for those cold calls that she diligently ticks off the list. Go, T!

Ilma Stockton – Financial Manager

Our Financial Manager, Ilma, finds solace in a different activity from the rest of the team. She gets her peace in the open road while riding her beautiful bike with one powerful engine.

Her instant dose of sanity comes from the wind on the back of her neck, the blur of the gorgeous SA landscape, and the roar of her Kawasaki.

Ilma teaches us that rejuvenation doesn’t have to come from exercise; you just have to find what works for you!

Last Few Words from Marisa

This process helped me gain even more respect for my team. I feel incredibly proud of their effort to live wholesome lives and even more so of their resiliency.

They, of course, asked me the same question. So, here’s my answer;

Like many of them, I like a good workout too. With gyms currently closed, I run daily to stay sane (or that’s what I like to think). When I get home, I pump up my favourite 80s tunes and bop in my driveway with some weights and my yoga mat.

When I need that extra oomph, I take it to the extreme. I put on some leg warmers and exercise like I am in those 80’s music videos. You have to do whatever it takes to get a smile on your and your family’s faces, right?

Now I want to hear from you! What do you do to keep mentally strong during this time?

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