How to Host an Exciting Event for Your Team

Why is it Important to Host an Exciting Event

Recharge Your Staff: Bring Excitement to Your Next Event

From July we see sloth-like behaviour. The truth is everybody is tired.
With spring around the corner and covid restrictions lifted, it’s the perfect time to put the pep back in your team’s step. How, you may ask? Host an exciting event that can motivate your staff .

In this blog, we take you through how you can host an exciting event and restore everyone’s positivity levels and energies like it’s January again.

Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Excitement | Focus Rooms

Where and How to Host an Exciting Event

You might be thinking of hosting your colleagues or staff at your offices. However, hiring out a venue might be a much better idea. You don’t want anyone to feel like they are still on the clock while attending an event.

If it’s an evening affair, you can lift spirits by hosting your team among the stars. With a panoramic view of the night’s sky of course! If the occasion is at the office, they might struggle to deactivate work mode. So, host an exciting event off-site to allow employees to relax.

If your employees work from home, a refreshing party would be the perfect way to get them out of the house and connected again.

We admit that things are still tough but here are some tips to help you host an exciting event and keep staff motivated.

Use Social Media to Hype Your Team Up Before D-Day

Unite and get your employees excited pre-party, online!

Social media is great for creating a buzz. Use your closed groups on platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp, or a private page on TikTok. Share awesome images, memes, and videos to hype staff up and to provide vital info and regular fun updates.

Since your employees follow the business on socials, they are bound to see your posts, so don’t make them dull. Publish the most exciting parts of your event and motivate them to attend.

Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Social Media | Focus Rooms

Incorporate a Memorable Theme for Your Function

A theme is a wonderful plan because there is no limit to the imagination. For example, you could bring Comic Con to your employees. Who wouldn’t want to be superhero for a day?

Your theme sets the scene for your whole event, so make sure it’s one for the books. It will help drive all your planning decisions like the food menu, drinks, and deco. Have every element of the party in sync to propel the mood of your staff.

A theme will also definitely help to engage your employees too.

Choose the Best Entertainment Option for Your Staff


When hosting an exciting event, get your team to decide what entertainment options they would like best.

At Focus Rooms, we have a list of preferred suppliers for every possible entertainment need. Looking for a comedian, an orchestra, or live music? We can help you wow and recharge your employees’ batteries back to one hundred.

Whether they like to let their hair down and rock out to some tunes, or sip on a glass of chardonnay whilst listening to high-pitched arias, we’ve got the artist for you!

Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Entertainment | Focus Rooms
Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Games | Focus Rooms

Start or End the Event with a Fun Activity or Game

Nothing breaks the ice like a game. An Employee Talent Show can be the ideal way for teammates to bond over similar interests.

This also reveals the other side of your co-workers! It gives people the chance to show their hidden talents when the lights shine at their brightest.

They say all work without any play is just no fun. We say “work hard and play even harder”! That’s why we provide complimentary kits that have hilarious tongue and cheek items and props to get the laughter and chatter flowing.

Create a Favourable Catering Menu for Employees

If you want to win your team over, have the best food on the table. You will be in their hearts forever. Yummy catering will give them enough fuel to dance, laugh, and enjoy the occasion for its full duration.

Not sure which menu to go for? Running a survey with your staff to get a feel of what they prefer may help you decide. As for Focus Rooms, our catering team is ready to tailor the food to your taste buds. From doughnut walls to edible flowers, we can do it all!

Remember to keep dietary requirements in mind. Are you catering to halal, vegetarian, vegan, or kosher guests? Check with your team to be confident that everyone’s needs have been served.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – Chef James Beard

Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Catering | Focus Rooms
Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Pimp Their Ride | Focus Rooms

Pimp Their Ride – Golf Carts Style

Talk about giving your team a real taste of exclusivity and FUN!

Transport your employees from the parking to the venue entrance in style, in a golf cart. Your team will love you for making it easier for them to get to the party, after all, it’s their day off.

On that travelling note, we always recommend event goers to use Ubers. There are plenty around Focus Rooms to get people home safely.

Cater for Different Beverage Options

What’s the first thing guests expect to get when they enter a party? A welcome drink, of course!

Alcoholic or not, ensure that your bar has a variety of drinks. Our Focus Rooms bar is always stocked and can also accommodate your preferred list, if any.

Keep in mind that it’s kind to have an open bar for your staff. Having a cash bar after you’ve reached your set beverage budget is also a good consideration.

Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Bar | Focus Rooms
Host an Exciting Event for Your Team - Book Now | Focus Rooms

Book Your Event Ahead of Time

Booking a venue early will give you enough time for planning and conceptualise your event. It will also help you to avoid the disappointment of your favourite place being fully booked.

When you collaborate with us, dedicated coordinators work hard to ensure that every aspect of your event is arranged to the T and it fun, fun, FUN!

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