How to Improve Office Environments by Taking Lessons from The Magical

How to Improve Office Environments by Taking Lessons from The Magical

Bring Magic into the Workplace

One of the worst beliefs that corporate businesses have bought into is that everything must be extremely serious in order to achieve success. At Focus Rooms we believe differently.

We believe we can build strong bonds, have fun, and create magic while remaining extremely professional. In fact, we feel that creating a healthy environment where employees feel comfortable and safe is the best way to increase productivity.

That’s why we have written a blog that encapsulates our Focus Rooms spirit. We have taken lovely lessons from the magical characters below on how we can grow as a team. Through this, we have found that the right inspiration is exactly how to improve office environments. We have broken these down below, and we hope you enjoy them and find value in them too.

Break the Monday to Friday slug and bring happiness into the workplace by encouraging and empowering your employees.

If you keep persevering, practising, and doing your best, you will reach your dreams.

Mulan: Work Hard and Be Determined

As with all the films and animations we mention in this blog, there are many lessons to take from Mulan. The one we will focus on for how to improve office environments is drawing from Mulan’s determination.

She’s so hungry to prove herself in the story, that even when she falls or makes a fool of herself, she continues to practice hard and grow. She also listens to her leader, and this helps her get better and stronger. This pays off in the end with Mulan proving she’s a worthy fighter and gaining the respect of the emperor, country, and family

A healthy work environment is usually created by a leader that wants their employees to get better and be successful. Regardless of their current standpoint.

More importantly, determination and hard work should be encouraged through action – from the top. If you practice these qualities, it’s easier and more inspiring for your staff to do the same.

Moana: Follow Through and Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Follow your instincts and achieve what you said you would, regardless of what obstacles you face or if anyone wants to lead you astray. You will be required to be brave and take risks, but you will get there.

Despite being afraid and being told not to, Moana follows her instincts and goes on a courageous journey to create a better future for her people.

Along the way, she faces many unexpected obstacles. She also meets Maui a full-of-himself demi-god that is only interested in his mission and does everything to try to stray her off course. Although Moana makes many mistakes, she sticks to her mission and becomes more powerful in doing so.

If you want to improve work environments, then create a space that allows for mistakes and learning curves and encourages following intuition. This is what Moana did and she created harmony and a better, more ambitious lifestyle for her people.

Follow your instincts and achieve what you said you would, regardless of what obstacles you face or if anyone wants to lead you astray. You will be required to be brave and take risks, but you will get there.

It’s true what they say. Teamwork makes the dream work. Additionally, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.

Jumanji 2: Play Different Roles and Be Supportive

The latest Jumanji featured a range of interesting characters being thrown into a game as an Avatar that happens to capture everything they aren’t naturally in real life. They find themselves having to play these roles as if they were this and work together as a group to achieve their common goal.

They had no choice but to live outside of their comfort zones and try things they never believed they could do.
In turn, by being forced to be flexible and act out the qualities they aren’t familiar with, they land up winning at their goal and becoming the amazing things they thought they couldn’t be in real life. They realise that there are no limits to anyone’s abilities or accomplishments.

These are solid lessons to implement in business. Encourage your team to do the things you know they are capable of, even if they feel they are not. Create an environment where this motivation comes from both you and the whole group. Providing support where possible will uplift everyone.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch

Frozen: Learn to Accept Support and Look at Things Differently

In Frozen, Elsa shuts herself away from the world in an effort to protect everyone as she has no control or her emotions. Sadly, hiding and keeping everyone away is the very thing that hurts everyone and makes things worse.

It is only when she accepts the support offered to her by her sister Anna and good-hearted characters that things get better. She finally learns how to navigate her powers and emotions and learns that being open to others’ perspectives can make her a much better queen.

By being open to listening to your staff you will make them feel valued and perhaps learn how to improve office environments. Your true power as a team lies in not only giving support but in accepting support so you can learn and grow together.

One more important lesson we can learn from Frozen is to remember to enjoy the little things. Like how Olaf does the summer or how Sven his carrots, or snow. Like this, we should create environments in our businesses that allow for some fun and giggles.

Sure, let it go, but more importantly, take the opportunities and accept the support when offered.

“If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew” – Pocahontas.

Pocahontas: Be Kind and Accepting

Pocahontas follows the beat of her own drum and allows others to do the same. She is connected to nature and through this understands that all beings are unique and should be treated with respect.

This kind of acceptance, kindness, and respect in a working environment uplifts people to achieve the best they can and be incredibly empowering. By welcoming good energy into a space and letting it flow naturally, you allow people to be themselves and have their creativity sparked.

In contrast though, when needed and protecting what is right and the ones she loves, Pocahontas can be fiercely bold and intimidating. The way any good leader should be for their employees. To improve office environments, it is very important that you create a culture where you fight for each other and not against each other.

There is one last important thing we can learn from the film. Don’t underestimate the happiness-provoking power that comes with treating others with yummy food when all else fails?

The Focus Rooms Way

The truth of why we have an amazing work environment is that our entire team creates the magic. You would bet that every single one of us has a wand. We 100% have enchanting and sparkling attitudes that create the real power.

Everybody gets involved, no matter the job. Even Marisa (our CEO) will scrub the floors if needs be (and allowed to). Our entire team leads by example and does their best to live these lessons.

If you would like to see this all-in action with your own eyes, be sure to book your next event at our venue.

“Magic begins when you realise the magic is within the team. Look after your team and they will create it for you.” – Marisa Scott, CEO.

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