How to Plan a Successful 2023 Business Year

How to Plan a Successful 2023 Business Year

Events to Start the Year Right

A new year is usually seen as a fresh start. This is the ideal time to refocus your team, who we all hope is well rested after the holiday season.

Plan to get everyone excited for the year to come by putting goals in place and planning to avoid any possible challenges. Partner with Focus Rooms to get the excitement going and prepare in leisurely fashion now so 2023 is kicked off with a bang.

Organisation and time are key to planning a successful event. Focus Rooms has you covered with our superhero team backing you all the way. One-stop shopping with us includes venue hire, catering, technical equipment and more than you can imagine ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Ready to start planning? Here are some event ideas that will help inspire your team and you to plan a successful 2023 business year.

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Welcome Back Parties

Now, this is the ultimate return-to-work event. It’s important to welcome your employees back to good vibes and inspire team building.

Think about hosting a welcome-back party at a suitable venue. Add gifts or games that ignite a good rapport in the team and cause some good giggles. This type of event and activities will help make the transition from holiday to hustle a much easier one.

Employees will be encouraged to bond and get to know each other after an extended absence. Don’t be surprised when you notice high employee engagement and staff morale all because of this team celebration.

Strategy Sessions

At Focus Rooms, we believe in the importance of hosting events that are fun and keep everyone goal-orientated, and business-focused.

Best planned for the early months of a new year, strategic meetings help you get from where you are today to the future you want. They are vital if you want to plan a successful 2023 business year.

Break down big overwhelming goals into manageable steps that address your current situation and guide your work.

Add a cherry on top by having your strategy sessions in a venue that caters to all your technical needs while providing good quality coffee and all the delicious snacks that your hearts desire.

Plan 2023 Events - Strategy Sessions | Focus Rooms

“75% of successful companies have a formal and pre-established system to inform on and manage their strategy.” Palladium, 2022

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Product Launches or Exclusive Sneak Peak Events

Have a new product or service in the works to be launched in 2023? Use this exciting development to your advantage and let it build hype around your brand and its offerings.

If you still need some more time before the official launch, however, then we have an awesome idea for you. An exclusive, private event with only top VIPs and media teams can be the best way to create and build up hype.

Get the right people excited and talking as a powerful PR strategy. Invite them for a conference that reveals some sneaky info while treating them to the best food, drink and entertainment. By hosting it in January or February, you start the year strong with your company already top of mind in the best possible way.

Pop-Up Exhibitions


In a 2018 survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 93% of business executives said that their company prioritises hosting events. The study also found that the retail pop-up market in America had an estimated value of $50 billion in 2016.

This above fact might be American based, but it does show us that there is huge potential value in your company hosting a pop-up exhibition.

Pop-up exhibitions use exclusivity, originality, freshness and fun to create memorable networking and brand awareness experiences. When hosted at a venue like Focus Rooms that can offer you this exclusivity and a wide range of unique spaces that lend themselves to many different unique set-ups; you have the magic recipe for success.

These exhibition events are wonderful at starting a beautiful chain of word-of-mouth buzz. Make it fun enough and you are sure to even reach people that aren’t at the event. They are sure to follow your brand in hopes of being included in future.

Pop-up exhibitions are amazing opportunities for product awareness, brand engagement, and market research.

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Plan 2023 Events - Conferences | Focus Rooms


Conferences are knowledge-jam-packed events that are perfect for the beginning of the year. Not only do they benefit you as a business but they offer your guests the following:

  • A new perspective on your business and life. Going to a conference offers a fresh, sometimes new outlook from other successful business owners.
  • New experiences. Technology is ever-evolving and a conference is a great place for you to know what’s upcoming during the year. Conferences put guests in front of vendors and suppliers that can help them become more efficient and productive.
  • Knowledge from great speakers. They’re good at what they do and they share wisdom and secrets for success with attendees.
  • Guests will benefit from in-person networking.

At Focus Rooms, we always go the extra mile to help make these events as memorable as possible. We even offer conference kits with a twist. Forget your boring old pen and notepad. We’re talking attention-grabbing entertainment in a box here.

Company Anniversaries

It’s important to celebrate business anniversaries. Taking time to honour these types of milestones gives you a chance to recognise your employees for their hard work and commitment.

It is also a great idea to treat your loyal clients and suppliers. How wonderful it would be to express your gratitude to them for their contribution toward your company’s success and longevity.

Invite potential clients to this event to show them how solid your foundation is and instil trust in them. Plus you can start building strong relationships with them over a casual drink.

Plan 2023 Events - Company Anniversaries | Focus Rooms

Start Making Bookings Now

For a head start, it’s great to plan your 2023 events before the end of the current year. Venue bookings get full quickly so don’t miss out and book in November and December for January or February 2023.

Our team is always ready to cater to tight deadlines. If you need a speaker or entertainment for your events in 2023, at short notice, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Maximise Your Budget Before Financial Year-end

Use it, don’t lose it.

As you decide how to ultimately spend the last remaining rands of your budget, consider effective ways to use your end-of-year budget. Plan a successful 2023 business year by hosting one of the above functions.

With the right purchase or investment (like booking out a venue for a future event), you may even get a budget increase for next year.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to boost employee morale and meet your business goals in the upcoming quarter.

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