How to Rejuvenate Your Teams (and have fun doing it)

How to Rejuvenate Your Teams (and have fun doing it)

The Tides Are Changing – Grab a Surfboard!

(Being three waves in – skilled surfers we are!)

Your teams have navigated through unchartered waters in the last couple of years, and you got through it. You can shake those winter icicles off, stop looking out for icebergs, and search for tropical islands instead. Now is the time to celebrate your resilience and think about a new and more exciting voyage.

This week’s article breaks down how you can inject this new life into your teams. In our own famous Focus Rooms quirky way, introducing new words into the Oxford Dictionary.



To come out of winter or lockdown hibernation and look or work towards a sunnier future.

It’s like how Billy Ocean sang – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” If you’re still standing, then you have proved your enterprise is just that. However, life should be much more than just surviving or going through the motions.

So, our first tip is for you and your teams to unhibernate. Then, start actively searching for the good and throwing out the bad.

One exciting way you can do this is by setting up a yummy coffee-filled, delicious food packed strat session at the equivalent of a grown-up playground. Then, get your teams input on setting new goals that everyone is on board with and feels inspired about.



An opportunity for progress by expressing genuine gratitude.

If you take a second to look for a grattitunity, you will probably find many! How wonderful it is that you and your business has so much to be thankful for.

Our second tip is to reach out to those you are grateful to and thank them with a gesture. This can be clients who have stuck by you or your staff who have worked so hard to keep your ship afloat. Here are some of our suggestions for gestures.

For Clients

  • Hosting an event with free food and refreshments and wonderful entertainment
  • Hosting a conference that includes free business training and/or motivational speakers so they too can start to unhibernate
  • A lavish gift sent to their desk.
  • A well-crafted mailer that offers them a hefty discount on their next purchase

For Employees

  • Organise an awards conference with delicious food and refreshments with trophies to acknowledge each of your awesome team members.
  • A thoughtful gift placed on their desk with a thank you note or sent to their home office.
  • An extra day or two leave to encourage a bit of needed R&R.



Developing new solutions, business practices and marketing plans with FUN at its core.

Our last top tip is the perfect solution for unhibernation. Start fresh and set sails on new adventures!

During the lockdowns, businesses went into an adaptive response and learned how to tread water. Which was the right strategy for the time.

Luckily things are starting to look up, and everyone can start looking at more positive and invigorating solutions! So we suggest pulling your creative team into a meeting and coming up with the NEXT STEP for your business, and have fun while doing it! Here are some items for the action list that would be wonderful to re-energise your business.

  • Spruce your website up
  • Revive your social media content plans with upbeat concepts
  • Host a rebranding event for clients and suppliers
  • Think of your products or services in new creative ways
  • Get feedback from customers before the meeting and discuss funnovative solutions
  • Think about organising a fun party to motivate all employees
  • Set new KPI’s, goals and dreams for each team member

Oh For-FocusSake!


Something we like to exclaim at Focus Rooms when things or life might not have gone to plan. It forces us to remember that there is always another way. We just need to re-focus on the optimistic and different ways that allow us to move forward.

Sometimes life’s a beach, but your teams can be the lighthouse.

Cast light into the lives of your colleagues and customers, give direction, lead the way!

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