Ice Ice Baby

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.

With our best Ice Breaker out of the way, here are a few other great options to use to get your attendees’ creative juices flowing and push past those first meeting jitters.

Ice Breakers are great at the beginning of a training session or to kick of a team building activity as they build connections, break tension and develops trust and rapport between each other. It’s the perfect way to get people to stop standing around awkwardly and get them interacting and active so that your session starts off on a high note.

Here are our top three:

Guess my job

Great if all the attendees are in the same field or are familiar with each other already. Let the delegates write down, on a slip of paper, the most interesting or different job they’ve ever had and place it in a bowl. The others have to guess who had that job. Surprisingly, fun and enlightening…

Movie Ball

This one is great to get the energy level up before a session and if your attendees do not require introductions. Everyone stands in a circle. One participant bounces a ball to somebody else after saying the name of a movie, the person who catches has to say the name of another movie and then throws it on. There is a five second limit after the ball is bounced. A person is out of the game if they repeat a movie name or fail to say a name within the five second time limit. Eventually there is a competition between two people for the winner.

Who’s who?

Have a group of people that have never met? Give a delegate someone else’s name tag. He/she needs to find the other person, interview him, and introduce him to the group. It’s great fun and forces delegates to approach new people.

Think one of the above will work great for your next conference? Now just need a venue? Pop us a mail and it will all be sorted in no time! No need to guess our job.

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