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In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day having just passed, we wanted to know how we can keep our luck around seen as we’re running low on pots of gold at the end of rainbows and leprechauns. For some people, luck comes naturally while others seem to have an eternal rain cloud of bad luck follow them around and then there’s also the saying that bad things always happen in three’s. Regardless of where you sit on the scale, we think there is always chance to attract a bit more luck to your day. Want to get lucky? Here are a few tips and tricks to attract as much good luck as possible!

Good Luck Charms

All throughout history, lucky charms have popped up again and again in different cultures. Some to attract good luck and a few to ward off bad luck. If you’re feeling a bit luck lacking, it could give you a boost just to have one of these around! Maybe you’ll want to carry these on you on your event day.

Four Leaf Clover

This Celtic symbol of good luck was believed to help you see fairies and ward off their mischief. However, finding a true four leafed clover has your odds at 1 in 10 000. Luckily for us, a four leaf clover key chain is considered just as lucky.

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Lady bugs

Also called Lady birds and Lady beetles, although not all of them are female. It’s considered to bring good fortune if one lands on you. This could be from farmers predicting a good harvest if there are a lot of these bright red bugs around in spring. If you want to be luckier, be careful around these cheerful-looking insects, since killing a ladybug can bring you misfortune.

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Lucky Bamboo

This is one of our personal favourites. In Feng Shui this plant is considered to bring good fortune and the more stalks, the luckier you’ll be. Interestingly, Lucky Bamboo technically isn’t a bamboo but a close relative. This plant is very hardy and quite happy in just a vase of water. Perhaps it’s hardiness and resilience is what makes it so lucky. You’ll see all types of bamboo around our venue.

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Evil Eye

It may be worth your while to not only attract good luck but also to ward off bad luck. The Evil Eye talisman from Turkey is a beautiful blue and white glass piece and when carried with you, prevents the curse of other’s evil eye on you.

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Still feeling like lucks not on your side? Our fortune teller told us that your good luck will increase three-fold if you book your next event with us. Enquire here or fill in the form below.

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