More Than You Can Imagine

Imagination Is Simply Intelligence Having Fun

In our filter on, filter off, enter username, forgot password, confirm you are human, update and restart kind of world, we’re so confined to Googling our way through life, that we have forgotten how to play, have fun and let your mind wander.

Based on the belief that the best ideas flow when you’re free to imagine, we’ve designed our new event and conference wonderland as a canvas for creativity and inspiration.

Our food nourishes the soul, inspiration brews originality, surprise breaks the ice, and a sense of humour goes a really long way.

At Focus Rooms you’ll soon discover that there’s nothing copy-and-paste about us.

We’re a whole lot more than state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, free WiFi, air-conditioning and break away rooms.

What really makes us different is how we personally take care to wondrously shape your environment so that your environment can help you to reimagine your future.

Our new premises in Linbro Park promise a bigger and better magical experience than ever before. Whether you’re looking to host a talk, a motor show, workshop, symposium, gala event or strategy session, You can count on Focus Rooms to deliver an experience that is a whole lot more than you can imagine.

After all, logic may get you from A to B, but imagination will take you to infinity and beyond.

We’ve got a brand new pad we want to show off | Focus Rooms

What to find out how Focus Rooms can push the boundries of your imagination at your next event? Give us your event dates and sit back and watch magic happen!

Fancy a bit more inspiration before setting a date? We’ve got TONS to send your senses on a frenzy! Set up a site inspection at our new venue, chat to our team about your vision and browse through our gallery for snippets of what’s got everyone chatting about Johannesburgs most exciting conference and event space!

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