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Location may seem like a no brainer when picking a venue for your upcoming conference, training or event but what makes the ideal location?


One of the biggest deciding factors is where the venue is situated and how it is accessed. This can’t only be convenient for you but must be easily accessible for all your guests and attendees too. Your ideal location may be a block down from your offices or around the corner from your home (we all want to skip the traffic) but this may not be so ideal for all your guests, unless you were planning a massive “skip-the-traffic” sleepover.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where are your attendees traveling from?

If they all live and work in one area then it only makes sense for the venue to be in that same area. If they are coming form a variety of different locations, then you want to find a location which is central to all of them. Maybe they are flying in from out of town or your event is such a big deal that international guests will be making their way to you!

  1. How are your attendees traveling to the venue?

While most local events will have people traveling in their own cars, this isn’t always the case. You could have guests that will be relying on public transport or perhaps you’ll be organising group transport to avoid attendees arriving in drips and drabs.

  1. Is the venue easy to find?

Not all of us are technology savvy. Every now and again, you’ll find a unicorn who still uses a road map (definition: road map noun a map, especially one designed for motorists, showing the roads of a country or area – in case you had trouble remembering what this bulky and confusing thing was, it’s the paper version of Google Maps). We need to keep these people in mind and try not send them through a maze to arrive at their destination.

Now I know the above may have you questioning if you’re making the right choice but if you’re reading this then you have found the ideal location. Here’s why:

  • Focus Rooms, in the bustling Sunninghill, is a quick hop skip and jump from the Sandton CBD which means that you’re not fighting your way in or out but still close enough to pop out to fetch the manuals you forgot at the office.
  • Buccleuch interchange is not even 6 minutes travel time to us which means that if your delegates are travelling from the North, East, South or West, they’ve got direct routes to us and just need to jump off at Rivonia offramp on the N1 highway. We are 1km from the highway offramp which means you’re off the highway and your car is parked in our onsite, free parking in no time at all.
  • Public transport? No issue at all. We are on the Gautrain bus route as well as a 2min walk from a mini bus taxi rank. You can’t get more convenient.
  • Flying in? We’re an easy 25km from Lanseria Airport and a breezy 30km from O.R. Tambo International Airport.


Now that you know exactly where to find us, pop on in for a site visit or fill in the form below. We’ve got the rest covered.

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