We Will Rock You!

Big, small, low-key or fit for a queen, we do it all. Book your year-end function with us and we’ll guarantee your colleagues will be talking about your celebration for years to come.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Our 21 rooms

and multiple outdoor spaces

Our 21 rooms and multiple outdoor spaces

Each with unique features to best suit your theme and event needs, as well as a fully licensed bar. Whether your team wants an intimate and small dinner or an across the company, 500 pax celebration, we’ve got an out-of-this-world space for you.

Turn Key Services & Suppliers

From staffing and catering to décor and entertainment, we know a guy for every aspect of your event. Our database of preferred suppliers will keep you grinning from ear-to-ear and exceed your expectations. Have your own preferred suppliers? Great, we’d love to work with them!

Turn Key

Services & Suppliers

Dedicated Coordinator

Dedicated Coordinator

We’re all in this together. Our main objective is to make you, as the event planner, look great on the day and give you every piece of mind. So that you can enjoy the event as much as all of your attendees. Whether you just need us to hold your hand and give you expert guidance and advice or if you’d like us to take the reins entirely, we’ve got your back.

Concept Creation that Dreams are Made Of

With 10+ years of experience, we’ve got an idea of what works, what’s hot and what’s up and coming. Not sure what you’d like to experience at your year end event? We’ve got ideas that will tickle all fancies!

Concept Creation

that Dreams are Made Of



We’re all or nothing kind of people – with our positive attitudes, that is. When it comes to ideas, budgets and execution, we’re able to rev it up or tone it down to what suits your needs. Chat to us to find out how exactly we make it happen for your fully customisable event.

Make sure to go out with a bang!

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