Make Table Layouts Work for You

As a speaker or event organiser, one of the most important aspects to secure a successful event is the type of room layout you select. It would not suit to host a writers workshop without tables to work on. Or a team building activity when the teams are sitting in straight rows, unable to talk to each other.

Make sure you understand all the different types of table layouts so you can make the most of it!

Here’s our layout index:

Theatre Setup | Atlantis - Meeting and Strategy Room | Focus Rooms

Cinema Style

Also called Theater Style, this seating arrangement is common for conferences and presentations.

All chairs are laid out in rows all facing the speaking point or podium. Rows can be straight lines or curved to give a “stadium” effect.

This type of seating does not use tables which is beneficial if you’re needing to make the most of the space and fit in all your eager delegates.

Schoolroom Style

Compromising of tables and chairs on one side of the table, facing the speaking point or podium.

This style of seating has a fairly self explanatory name. Most popular with workshops and training, this seating allows the delegates to work, take notes or just doodle while listening.

Classroom Setup | Atlantis - Meeting and Strategy Room | Focus Rooms
Boardroom Setup | Atlantis - Meeting and Strategy Room | Focus Rooms

Boardroom Style

A rectangle or oval table with chairs all around the table. This set up is best for board or director meetings, comittee meetings, team briefing and interviews. It generally has a very formal set up and has great potential for a luxury feel.

Our Earth Boardroom hold a hollow oval table and seats up to 14 with stunning views and an elegant setting.

U-Shape & Double-U Style

Compromising of tables set in a “U” formation with chairs facing the front and centre of the room. This set up lends itself perfectly to conferences and training. The space in the centre of the “U” creates opportunity for the presenter or speaker to insert themself into the crowd, eliminating a sence of separation from delegates and speakers. This is great for coersing interaction and discussions.

U-Shape Setup | Atlantis - Meeting and Strategy Room | Focus Rooms
Banquet Setup | Atlantis - Meeting and Strategy Room | Focus Rooms

Banquet Style

A set up typically of round tables and chairs all around the table. This is most common for baquet or gala dinners. Similarly, cabaret makes use of typically round tables but with the difference of having it open ended so that there is no one with their backs to the speaking point or stage.

Square tables can also lend itself to this set up to create a slightly different feel. This can also be called cluster setup. In a conference, workshop or training, cluster set up with perfect for working in groups.

Cocktail Style

Tables and chairs of various heights and sizes in make up a cocktail set up. It generally does not have a focal point unless it is set up around a dance floor. This can also be called cafe style and offers a very relaxed and informal vibe.

For a twist and more comfortable set up, opt for lounge seating which allows your delegate to sit back, relax and mingle comfortably.

Exhibition Setup | Atlantis - Meeting and Strategy Room | Focus Rooms

Expo Stands

Whether you use structured sets or more informal space allocations, expo stands is a great opportunity to see what various suppliers have to offer. This set up lends itself to the creative thinkers, offering amazing opportunity for exciting exbisitions of their services, products or offerings.

Set up a site inspection to view Galaxy or Sun room which both lend themselves with ample space for this type of event.

Have something completely different and unique in mind?

Now you’re speaking our language. Drop us a message and we’ll get in touch to discuss how we can take your concept to status: conquered.

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