Make your 2021 End of Year Bash One for the Books

Make your 2021 End of Year Bash One for the Books

Humanity Needs to Get Social. Start with an End of Year Function

You’ve done it! You’ve made it through 2021 with all the added stress. Now, you and your employees deserve to celebrate.

Choose Focus Rooms for your End of Year Function

Focus Rooms has been in the events industry for over 12 years. We have the experience and the facilities to make any year-end function a hit.

Our dedicated coordinators know how to give you what you want and wow you while they do. We make you look good. Whether showing your employees a fun time or trying to impress your boss, we know what you need.

Focus Rooms has been running successful hybrid events for 18 months. We have the equipment and the imagination to shake things up for your year-end function.

Work Functions in a COVID World

So now you know where you should hold a year-end function, the next question is how? COVID-19 put many 2020 year-end functions on the back burner, but it will not dampen plans for 2021!

Select a venue that has the space to accommodate your staff. Focus Rooms has a range of areas able to accommodate varying numbers while adhering to COVID protocols.

Be prepared that not all staff will feel comfortable attending. Luckily, we have a solution for that too: Hybrid year-end functions.

Yes, that’s right, just like streaming a wedding, you can share the year-end festivities with everyone.

Hybrid Functions are the Way to Go

Some of your employees may be high-risk, already on leave or just can’t make it to your year-end function. A hybrid function is a fantastic alternative.

No one wants an entirely virtual year-end celebration. We have all sat in too many Zoom meetings this year. As a compromise, hold an actual function where employees can meet face-to-face and incorporate a virtual element.

It’s an excellent way to allow your remote employees to get out of the house while accommodating everyone.

At Focus Rooms, we follow strict COVID protocols, offering private spaces and adhering to social distancing. Don’t worry, the protocols won’t affect our amazing service. Everything is still top class, there won’t be sanitiser in your food, but it will be everywhere else.

Why Celebrating End of Year is Important for your Business

A year-end function is a great way to reward everyone, but there are other added benefits too. Here’s why a year-end function is just the thing your business needs after 2021.

Parties Improve Employee Relations

Day to day business activities does not leave much room for socialising. When everyone’s noses are two, the grindstone sparks can fly, and tensions build up. A year-end function gives your employees an informal and relaxed environment to chat with one another. When colleagues get to know each other personally, they tend to work better together.

It also gives you an excellent chance to connect with your employees in an approachable setting.

Everyone Gets a Chance to Blow Off Steam

Ending off your year with a well-planned function gives your employees a chance to kick back and relax. Letting off a little steam helps the trials of the past year become a distant memory.

You show your employees that the stress was worth it. They come back in 2022 ready to take on the world and give their job their all.

Giving Back to Your Team Gets Them Ready for a New year

A year-end function provides space and opportunity to get your team fired up for next year. After some festivities and banter with colleagues, the hard slog of the past year starts to fade away. Now you can lay the groundwork for the year ahead in a light-hearted way.

You can subtly steer the focus to the future and set the 2022 stage for success.

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