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Once we’re happy that you’re happy, we sneak off and indulge our guilty pleasure: tapping at the keys, sharing tips, news and wisdom from the conferencing and events world. Geeks? Ahem…


Unwind in Johannesburg

Unwind in Johannesburg: A Sizzling Guide to Budget-Friendly Fun After a Wild 2023. Affordable Ways to Have Fun in The Joburg Sun These Holidays.

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Hybrid Events

Well, what is a Hybrid Event? Hybrid events have been around for a while however their true potential is only…
More Than You Can Imagine | Focus Rooms Blog
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More Than You Can Imagine

The Best Streaming Studio in Joburg, come visit.A Car Launch Space Beyond Your ImaginationJoburg’s Most Inspiring Hybrid Events Venue!Catering to…
Spin the Colour Wheel to find your Fortune! | Focus Rooms
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Colour Gold Rush at Focus Rooms

When creating amazing events, it’s important to stay on top of current trends. Pink is no longer the new black and you definitely do not want to be seen as “so last season”.

Celebrating Our Focus Rooms Women | Women's Month
Meet the team

Our Exceptional Women

With so many exceptional women surrounding us, we thought we’d use the opportunity of Women’s Month to introduce just some of the exceptional women that make up the Focus Rooms Team and make the magic behind the events scene happen.

Conversation Starters | Focus Rooms Conference Venue
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Conversation Starters

We’re here to give you some tried and tested conversation starters that will make you look like the main speaker at your next conference.

Hot Gluhwein This Way | Focus Rooms Conference & Event Venue
From our Kitchen

Liquid Warmth in a Glass

Although glühwein (??lu?v??n) is a German word, this mulled wine has it’s first origins in the roman empire. Here’s a liquid warmth – Glühwein Recipe

I'm Feeling Lucky | Focus Rooms Conference & Event Venue
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Want to Get Lucky?

I’m feeling lucky! We think there’s always chance to attract good luck to your day. Here are a few tips and tricks to attract as much good luck as possible!


It’s a Coffee Date

At Focus Rooms, we believe the mid-morning coffee break is essential to the productivity of any meeting or conference and…
Pop Secret 2 | The origins of popcorn seem elusive | Focus Rooms | Blog

Pop Secret

The origins of popcorn seem somewhat elusive to most of us. Where does it come from? Who discovered it? What…
Have You Met Jodie Kotze? | Coordination Team Leader | Focus Rooms
Meet the team

Have You Met Jodie?

Drumroll please! Introducing our Coordination Team Leader, Jodie Kotze! Not only is she a hardcore Manchester United Football fan but…
Ice Ice Baby | How much does a polar bear weigh? | Focus Rooms | Blog
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Ice Ice Baby

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. With our best Ice Breaker out of the…