Our Exceptional Women

Celebrating Women’s Month with our Exceptional Focus Rooms Women

With so many exceptional women surrounding us, we thought we’d use the opportunity of Women’s Month to introduce just some of the exceptional women that make up the Focus Rooms Team and make the magic behind the events scene happen.

Celebrating Our Focus Rooms Women - Celine | Women's Month


The baby of our office is a speedy quote generating whizz! Celine is part of our Coordination Team and the mastermind you want on your side to take your event from great to incredible! With an eye for the finer details, nothing will be left a-miss or up to chance while she’s got her hands on your booking.


If you’ve called or visited us, you’ve met our Director of First Impressions. Monica is the face of our brand and your go-to on the day of your event if there is anything you need. Even we enjoy phoning in on our office line to hear Monica’s amazing voice! With first impressions like this, you know the rest of your day will be top notch and so will your delegates!

Celebrating Our Focus Rooms Women - Monica | Women's Month
Celebrating Our Focus Rooms Women - Sifiso | Women's Month


Magic hands, Sifiso. You’re sitting mid-conference and the information is flowing. You notice a slight twinge in your neck but don’t have time to stop – you’ve got to keep up! Don’t fret. Our one and only, onsite masseuse has a trick or two up her sleeves to keep you sharp for the rest of the day! According to The Atlanta School of Massage, a “tight neck and shoulder muscles often limit the circulation to the brain, which consequently does not support memory or concentration”. This is even more reason to make sure you squeeze in a neck squeeze at your next conference. If you’ve already visited, you’ll be familiar with the wonders she works in her complimentary 5-min neck rub.  

These are just some of the exceptional women in our team. We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface on the rest of the female magic we have. Every one of them adds their unique flare to Focus Rooms. We would not be the same without them!

Focus Rooms is also a female run company. Did you know that “gender diversity in your leadership pool means greater diversity of thought, which leads to improved problem solving”? Well, according to The Global Leadership Forecast 2014–2015 this is entirely true. This means that having Focus Rooms on your side for your event will only mean seamless eventing, with any problems solved before they even happen.

Want to find out more about our team? Read up more about our amazing Coordination Team-Leader, Jodie. Not enough? Schedule in a site inspection with our sales team by filling in the contact form below.

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