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Millennium – The Room Fit For Bright Ideas

A brilliant sized training space for you and your team, be it a leadership course, digitalisation training or just upskilling staff.

Generous wall space makes this room great for brainstorming sessions as well. Use our complimentary flipchart from our Day Conference Package to put to paper your bright ideas and concepts and admire them displayed across the room until your plan takes form.

Millennium shares a generous foyer and refreshment space with a massage station and afternoon popcorn to reboot!

Room Details

  • Type: Spacious training room with a foyer and refreshment space.
  • Size: 55sqm
  • Max pax: 45
  • Perfect For:  Brainstorming, leadership courses, digitalisation training or upskilling staff.


  • Screens: 1
  • Projector: 1
  • Speakers: In-house sound system

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School Room

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Cinema Style

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Max 30 pax

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