Proof of Concept Conference

Masks… Camera… and Action!

Responsible Conferencing. We’ve got you covered!

Focus Rooms proudly hosted the Proof of Concept Conference on the 22nd July. It was a roaring success proving to Government, and for your peace of mind, that safe and responsible conferencing is possible, with us.

Partnering Up

All made possible under guidance, advice and regulations ensuring the very best protocols are set up and adhered to. Promising nothing but safe, responsible events.

Our Proof of Concept industry leaders and partners:

Enjoy the fine print? Download our COVID-19 Operating Policy HERE.

Hit play on your next event

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    You and 49 others

    Up to 50 persons in a venue, set up with 1.5m social distancing allowing plenty of breathing space for everyone.

    Once permitted, up to 200 pax!

    Tech Savvy

    Live stream your event across the globe! Expanding your number of delegates to more than just the bums on seats. Reach those who you’ve never reached before and take your conference to new digital heights.

    Safe Conferencing

    The Health portion of Health & Safety. Making sure every delegate is looked after.

    Social Distancing 

    Stronger together, just a little spaced out

    Say it with your eyes

    Masks covering your nose and mouth at all times

    Spray it with us

    Sanitise and wash your hands at every opportunity

    Delicious Catering Options

    Arrivals, lunch and more served fresh and with something to tickle all tastebuds!

    Prepackaged and sealed ensuring the highest food quality standards.

    Pre Screening of Guests

    A contactless, pre-screening and tracing app to ensure the safety of your guests. Making your event compliant, easing the hassle of manual registrations on arrival and controlling access.

    Something a little more tangible

    Book a site inspection and see for yourself how we make responsible conferencing magic happen. From our live streaming studio setups, conference rooms, meeting rooms, our restaurant space and all the bits in between. We’ve got exactly what you could want or need and more for you and 49 of your colleagues.

    Johannesburg’s highly demanded venue is easily accessible whether you’re coming from the north, south, east or west

    The world of conferencing and training is changing.

    Stick with us and be on the forefront, where there is More than you can imagine.

    Find out more about safety measures from World Health Organisation (WHO) and The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).