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A Celebration to Mark the End of an Era

Joburg's Best Events Venue | Focus Rooms

A Celebration to Mark the End of an Era

We believe in yourselfie!

Which is why we’ve created this stunning album of all your lovely faces from the launch of our brand-new event playground on the 5th March 2020. Mirror Mirror, share your selfie to your Facebook wall and show the world who’s the fairest of them all! (P.S. It’s definitely you!).

A big thank you to MStarr Productions and Image Live for having their digital selfie station onsite and capturing all those smiles!

Click on your image and share it on your social media for your friends to see.

The launch of our brand-new playground was an extraordinary event. A huge thank you to all the suppliers who came on board and partnered with us and an extra big “We Love You!” to all our guests who came to quench their thirst, fill their bellies and celebrate the amazing new conference and event space that we have to offer in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With 18 event spaces ranging from 8 pax to 1000 pax, we’ve created a playground to let your imagination run wild! Fill our main Universe Room with cars, stages, full visual rigging, bands, dancers, entertainers, comedians, banquets, shell schemes, and so much more. With a loading bay directly into the venue, we’ve created the perfect easy-breezy set up for your team, or ours, to nip in and out and create magic during the set up of your event. Our inhouse AV partners have got you covered with state-of-the-art audio technology, 5 screens throughout Universe and crystal-clear visuals. 5 screens? Yes, the venue really is THAT big! With 755m2 of pillar-free room to play with, there is no limit on what sort of magic you can create in our venue.

Stop by and see for yourself just what all the selfie smiles are about.

Focus Rooms – More Than You Can Imagine.


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