Set your Event Running Order to Sprint Mode

What is an Event Running Order?

As an Event Planner, it’s vital that you reduce your time spent on admin so that you can increase your time spent on doing the important things – like brainstorming amazing add-ons to the event date, liaising with delegates, clients and suppliers and actually overseeing the event. The pressure is on! But we’ve got your back. Whether you’re established in the game or just getting started, our Event Running order Template is sure to make magic happen for you.

Planning is key. Like the best explorers which will leave no stone left unturned, you (the world-class Event Organiser that you are) will leave no detail unaccounted for!

Step One:

Who’s who? We highly recommend noting every partner involved in your event in one place. That way, no matter what’s going on, you have one place to reference all details from.

Make sure to note down your own details as well so that you can share this with the venue and other key suppliers so they also have the inside scoop on who’s who.

Event Template - Blog | Focus Rooms

Step Two:

The Rough Layout. Depending on the type of your event or the goal of the event, your Event Running Order may look a little different than other events. A basic order is a good place to start and based on the content of your event, you can adapt it from there.

Big events may have a set up day a day before the event. Conferences may run over multiple days.

Event Template - Conference Run Sheet | Focus Rooms

Wait, we’ve skipped a step…

Step Zero:

Turn Pro Now. Download our Event Running Order Template.

You’ve got to give in order to get. And we really love giving. Let’s add you to our mailer to ensure you never miss out on the best event tips and tricks – we’ve got more than a few up our sleeves!

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The Last Step:

Enjoy! No need to be running around on the event day – you’ve got it all nailed down. Just like the World-Class Event Planner that we know you are.


Sound like a lot of admin? Leave it to us then. Our Superhero Dedicated Coordinators will take the lead but let you have all the spotlight. Send us the details and let us do our magic.

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