Start the New Year off on the right note!

With January coming to an end and everyone back into the swing of things after the festive break, now is a good time to get your last ducks in a row to start the new year on the right note! Here are some tips on how to make the most of a beginning of the year reboot to ensure the rest of the year is easy sailing!

How to Start the Year Off On the Right Note:

Do a declutter of your work space

We bet there are a few pens in your draw that no longer work and some piles of paper that you don’t actually need hard copies of. Clear out that draw, file those documents and wipe down that table. An organise work space give you the edge to an organised day.


Book outstanding appointments

Now that Januworry is nearly over, it’s time to start scheduling those appointments you keep putting off. We’re talking the dentist, your annual health check, and even your car service. Now is the time to start requesting quotes and date availability for that big event coming up this year. Be it a birthday, launch part, boss’s farewell – we know a great place, click here.


Clean out your email

Whether you’ve been working at your company for 6 months or 6 years, you’re bound to be hoarding a fair amount of unwanted marketing mails, spam and even just “thank you” responses. Clean out your inbox! It’s just as great as clearing out your workspace.


Note down your short-term goals

Be realistic here. A to do list of goals and projects you want to tick off in the next 6 months or even a year. Be it an unfinished DIY project at home or achieving that sub 30min, 5km run. Here’s a pro tip; include a time line with the steps needed to achieve these goals. Without a plan, your goals are only dreams.


List those items on a second-hand site

Similar to clearing your work space, sort out that clutter you keep tripping over at home! List it on a community market place for sale or donate it to an organisation or individual in need. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure!


Spruce up your resume

The new year is a great time to review what you’ve achieved in the year gone past and add it to your resume. Add courses you’ve taken and skills you’ve learnt in the last year. Don’t forget promotions! It’s a great way to build confidence to tackle the year ahead!


Collect up all your loose change

All those 50c piece may seem like a waste of space but gather them all up, count it out and deposit it into a savings account. Even just a small boost to a savings account balance can affect the bottom line after a year’s worth of interest!


Start a year planner

We’ve got the perfect option for people who don’t like the formal calendar diary. Our stunning red note book and calendar bookmark is perfect for the planner on the run with to do lists that never end! Pop us a mail to arrange a site inspection and grab your Red Notebook.




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