The Focus Rooms Roof Top, Red Carpet Arrival

The fastest route to the Mediterranean from Sandton: on our red carpet.

The earliest reference to a red carpet was in 458 BC in the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus (we had to say that very slowly too). When a character returns from Troy and is greeted by his wife who offers him a red path to walk upon.

Since 458 BC, red carpets have been used to announce presidents and dignitaries on their arrival to a location. Be it off a train, plane, up stairs to the throne or various other ceremonies. This gorgeous splendour has been adopted in Hollywood to give celebrities and notables a soft landing in the world of paparazzi at big awards ceremonies and premieres. For some celebs, the red carpet may be the only place you’re likely to see them. Of course, only making the paparazzi more ravenous.

The longest ever red carpet is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. It stretches 6 358.6 meters, running along the streets of Almeria, Spain! We’re sure the carpet cleaning bill for this one came in at a numeral much higher than its length.

Traditionally this plush landing is red but it doesn’t have to be. Different events may necessitate different colours. An environmentally friendly summit may use a green carpet of a grass Astroturf. Nickelodeon is renowned for their orange carpet.

Looking for a red carpet experience for your delegates? No need to be a celebrity or even a sh-model to walk on ours, but the treatment it definitely red carpet worthy. Red not really your colour? Try on our executive black carpet on for size – the only looking back you’ll want to do is to get that cheeky last “follow me” shot in for the paparazzi as you walk through our Mediterranean roof top garden and sip on cocktails with watching the sunset.


Black or Red Carpet Experience on your menu?

How does an invitation for a site inspection sound? Get in touch!

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