The President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa Visits Focus Rooms

6 October is a day that will live with me forever.

We hosted the President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa at Focus Rooms.


To top this The President was speaking on empowering women in our Economy at WECONA – Women Economic Assembly. He mentioned

when we empower women, we empower The Nation.

After the protocol announcements where made by the President, he then mentioned how he was greeted at the door by a woman, and that was me. He was so thrilled that this event was being held at a venue that is women owned, women led and women run.

All of this happened because of the phenomenal team that I have that is unstoppable during these most difficult times, which I believe are almost behind us.

We must all just stick to all the safety protocols with respect, especially at gatherings to ensure safety above all.

We must also drive and encourage all to be vaccinated as a gesture of Patriotism.

Today I feel so blessed – full of gratitude and ready to conquer the world and do my bit to Empower the Nation in my small way.

Marisa Scott

Watch the full video here

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