Let’s get digital

The events, entertainment and conferencing industry are not on hold – we’re adapting and evolving. Be part of the front runners of the change with us. Your team or delegates may be practising social distancing but that doesn’t hamper their eagerness to stay connected, learning and entertained!

Here’s how we’re changing the game:

Video conferencing:


Think telephone call but we can see you as well (so make sure you’ve brushed your hair). Add multiple persons to the call and get your entire team involved in the brainstorming, meeting or catch up no matter where they are in the world.



That presentation, conference or concert you thought you had to cancel? Uncancelled it. Let’s set you up with a full stage or maybe just a podium and invite all your guest to join from their living room or office. You focus on the content and guest list, we’ll work the mechanics of broadcasting you to all the devices to see you in action, live!



Let’s get your seminar set up and ready to go for anyone to join in from around the globe. We’ve got the tech, you’ve got the content to spill, so let’s get your eager delegates involved through their devices.

Our high speed internet, spacious venues and inhouse audio and visual team are ready. Are you?

Let’s chat about how we can keep your events goings.

In case you missed it, check out the photos from our Launch Event on the 5th of March!