We Live in Egg-citing Times

What came first in 2019? Definitely the egg. In case you missed it, the biggest story of the year so far featured a Jenner-Kardashian and getting laid. No, you have not gone back in time.

The first photo of Kylie Jenner’s baby was the most liked photo on Instagram for 11 months, with 18 million likes, but it was knocked off its perch…by an egg! Instagram users across the globe flocked together in a bizarre and fun attempt to dethrone Jenner and succeeded egg-ceptionally well! With now over 50 million double taps, it nests the record for the most liked image on the image based social media platform.



This record breaking egg still remains anonymous. However, it does seem that the account, with over 8 million followers, is hatching a plan. With a couple of new posts featuring eggs having a cracking time, perhaps this isn’t the only record they have their eyes set on. As they say, you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket.


While we don’t have the secret recipe for the perfect scramble and this egg isn’t shelling out the details on how it went viral without catching bird flu, Kylie Jenner did jump in on the fun with a mock-attack on this faceless celebrity which may have contributed to it’s success.


We too can rally around the thrill of outdoing a celebrity.

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