What Makes Focus Rooms a Unique Venue?

What Makes Focus Rooms a Unique Venue?

Why blend in when we were born to stand out?!

Focus Rooms is the ideal venue for any event. Our SUPER team caters to any need, from banquets and awards evenings to government and business conferences.

If you are looking for a unique venue for your next event, read on!

Here are just a few reasons why Focus Rooms is the perfect unique venue and team to partner up with for occasions with a difference.


Creativity flows when you have the space to grow.

Focus Rooms is a stand-alone building ideally situated next to the highway so getting to us is a breeze. Being our own magical building means we are an exclusive venue, with no walking through hotels or parking to get to us.

We also have access control with security guards to ensure your safety.

You don’t have to worry about anyone crashing your party. Our 17 various room options allow for 15 breakaway spaces if you need extra privacy.

We also offer the opportunity to hire the space as a whole. This way, it is exclusively yours. So, if you are looking to hold a discreet pole dancing class go ahead! No one will ever know.

Conference Kits

We have out of this world conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Any seminar held at Focus Rooms is sure to be talked about for ages. We offer several set-ups depending on your preference and the number of delegates.

Your conference catering guarantees lots of delighted customers, but that’s not all. At Focus Rooms, we like to think out of the box. We provide conference kits with a twist. Forget your boring old pen and notepad. We’re talking attention-grabbing entertainment in a box here. You may want to include handy sleepy masks in case your subject is a bit of a snore. Or perhaps funky bibs to make your guests look like they’re wearing polka dot bikinis? That gives picturing the audience in their underwear a whole new meaning.

We even include mugs for our amazing get-up-and-go coffee. If the coffee is not enough to get them going the quotes on our mugs will!
You can tell people that you have a “handle on the situation” just by sipping your daily dose of caffeine. There’s more where this came from. Visit us to discover even more fun surprises.

We’re not just a unique venue, Focus Rooms offers exceptional thinking in every way.

Premier Event Service


From start to finish, we treat your event with the utmost care. Our experienced and highly trained staff provide guidance and assistance at every turn.

We have someone for every job, from planning to branding, catering to security. Our digital studios come standard with staff to operate the equipment. You come up with the concept, and we will make it happen. You will barely need to lift a finger.

We have true magicians in our catering team, bringing your delegates culinary masterpieces they won’t forget. Our service staff are dedicated, passionate and always on hand to assist with anything you or your guests need. The expert teams attend to your requirements throughout the process, making planning a Focus Rooms event a pleasure.

Book an Event with a Difference Now

Whatever you are looking for in a unique venue, we can provide. At Focus Rooms, we aim to bring you more than you can imagine time after time.
We value discretion and your safety as well as your experience with us so enjoy your time uninhibited. The Focus Rooms team is ready and waiting to bring you a show-stopping event in an exclusive venue.

You may feel like letting your hair down in a safe space or need a quirky conference. Focus Rooms is a unique venue for every purpose. Contact us today to hear all about what we have to offer.

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