What Makes Us an Eco-Friendly Venue

What Makes Us an Eco-Friendly Venue

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As we enter the month of June, we started to reflect on our recent Mother’s Day celebrations, and how important it is to care for our mothers. Especially our ultimate mother; Mother Earth.

We wanted to highlight how important it is to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices where possible. The first step in this is reflecting on our own efforts.

In this blog, we let you in on the small yet magical touches we use to make our thumbs a little greener. Here are some of the ways that we reduce our carbon footprint, so you can be confident that we are an eco-friendly venue.

We Use and Encourage Digital Screens Over Printing

In this digital age, we recognise the importance of minimising paper usage.

Instead of relying on printed materials, we embrace technology by utilising digital screens for our and our clients’ presentations, agendas, and other communication needs.

By doing so, we significantly reduce our paper consumption and contribute to the preservation of forests.

We Recycle

Recycling is a fundamental aspect of our sustainability efforts.

We ensure that materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal are diverted from landfills.

By recycling, we not only conserve valuable resources but also reduce the energy and pollution associated with the production of new materials.

We Discourage the Use of Plastic

At Focus Rooms, we actively discourage the use of single-use plastics.

Wherever possible, we opt for reusable alternatives, an example being that we don’t use plastic straws at all.

By minimising plastic consumption, we’re doing what we can to contribute to cleaner oceans, protect wildlife, and support a healthier ecosystem.

We Use Coffee Mugs Instead of Throw Away Cups

In our efforts to reduce waste, we have eliminated the use of disposable coffee cups within our premises.

Instead, we put our fun coffee mugs for our staff and guests to use to hold their yummy coffee, tea or cocoa fix.

Our Entire Building is LED

Energy efficiency is a priority for us. By using LED lighting throughout our entire building, we reduce both our energy consumption and heat output.

LED lights are known for their long lifespan and lower energy usage compared to traditional lighting options.

This switch saves electricity but also helps decrease the load on power grids, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Building is Built to Consider Carbon Footprint

When choosing our premises, we prioritised sustainability and environmental impact.

Our many large sections of indoor/outdoor windows feature double glazing. This improves insulation and minimises the need for excessive heating or cooling. As a bonus, it adds more light into our eco-friendly venue which is also aligned with Feng Shui practices intended to improve energy flow.

Common areas are naturally ventilated, reducing reliance on energy-intensive air conditioning. Additionally, individual air conditioning units in each room ensure that energy is not wasted when the rooms are unoccupied.

We also have many large landscaped areas that boast a variety of indigenous plants and trees, which require minimal watering and contribute to the preservation of local ecosystems. We take pride in being one of the Johannesburg companies that actively contribute towards the greenery in our concrete jungle.

Why You Should Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue

By picking a venue that has eco-friendly practices and considers its carbon footprint you too make a choice that positively impacts the environment.

At Focus Rooms we believe in taking responsibility for our eco-impact and strive to implement sustainable practices in our everyday operations. We also have some additional changes in talks, so watch this space to see how we continue these efforts.

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