Celebrating Some of our Proudest Moments of 2022

Celebrating Some of our Proudest Moments of 2022

Thank You to Everyone That Joined Us On The Fun Roller Coaster Ride That Was 2022

We’re sure we can all agree that 2022 was a rollercoaster of a ride. In true Focus Rooms style, we decided to embrace any uncertainty, make the most of every opportunity that came our way, and have an absolute ball of a time.

We started this year with masks, social distancing, restrictions, and hosting mostly hybrid events with a tiny in-person attendance. As 2022 progressed and we were allowed more freedom, people started coming out more and warming up to the idea of returning to responsible get-togethers.

Now we can sit back and wonderfully say that in the face of it all, we still pulled off some of the most memorable events and had a blast doing it!

Join us as we use this blog post as an opportunity to share some of our 2022 highlights with you.

Proudest Events of 2022 - Our Events | Focus Rooms

We Owe It All to You

As the year winds down to an end, we realise that we are truly grateful. We have got to know hundreds of awesome people that are part of incredible and inspiring organisations.

We can proudly say that we have been hosts to a vast array of different events for amazing clients. Thank you to every one of our loyal customers for placing your trust in us this year.

Thank you to our suppliers and our super-hero team for all the immense efforts made this year and for being part of our wacky family.

We look forward to making 2023 even more fun and successful!

A Week-Long Pop-Up Conference for a World-Renowned Web Services Company

If you’re looking for a venue that can host a week-long conference that can accommodate 300 people for a memorable and exclusive event, look no further. We have done exactly this, used every one of our rooms, and included all the bells and whistles to create something unforgettable.

Every day had different photo booth props with different themes. This was a unique event with WIFI as the core of the event with additional refreshing setups. And when we say “refreshing”, we mean it! There was even a zest room. A quiet relaxing environment that looked like a spa and allowed attendees a getaway space for relaxed work catch-ups, or just some quiet time.

Proudest Events of 2022 - Pop-Up Conference | Focus Rooms
Proudest Events of 2022 - Team Building Event | Focus Rooms

A 2-Day Team Building Event for one of SA’s Largest Health Club Brands

We hosted 700 attendees for a two-day exclusive function that really moved us.

It was a fun and new experience that reinforced that we can always whip out our magic wands and transform our space into more than you can imagine.

For this, we set up gym activations in our many rooms. This included cycling, yoga, and cardio studios. There were also various photo booths and even a VIP room.

For entertainment, there was a DJ spinning tunes throughout the time, serving up some great beats to get everyone pumped and energised. We can confidently say that we like to move it, move it!

Get the right people excited and talking as a powerful PR strategy. Invite them for a conference that reveals some sneaky info while treating them to the best food, drink and entertainment. By hosting it in January or February, you start the year strong with your company already top of mind in the best possible way.

4-Day Truck Launch and Expo

This 4-day event was a huge success, with 150 people visiting per day.

We used our large open parking lot area (that has a great view as a backdrop) for the truck’s expo space.

For the rumbling belly, there were snacks on arrival. There were also food stalls so everyone could eat at their leisure.

Big vehicles mean big setups. Proven by how this launch took two lead-up days to make our space perfectly fit for motor industry standards. It was an exciting time, and we hope to do many more like this in 2023!

Proudest Events of 2022 - Truck Launch Event | Focus Rooms
Proudest Events of 2022 - Pop-Up Events | Focus Rooms

Virtual Tour Pop-Up Event for an Innovative Tech Company

We were delighted to be able to host this special event for an innovative tech company. It was a virtual tour that brought together their colourful new offerings with a refreshingly different approach to networking.

We used all our rooms for this exclusive event and even split one of our bigger spaces so it could become two breakaway rooms.

On arrival, there was live jazz music to set the mood. For food, there were snacks on arrival, a delicious lunch and a canape dinner. Each of these was accompanied by refreshing cocktails and mocktails.

The day concluded with The Muses performing in the afternoon for the cocktail event where the vibe was a joy and good times.

Super Speedy Set Up of an Awards Event for the Social Media Industry

We had a lot to celebrate this year, and one of our proudest moments was setting up an awards event for the social media industry in record time.

We needed to make it happen quickly as this was an evening event to be hosted right after another formidable function. This meant we had to work hard, fast & efficiently for all of our client’s needs…and it paid off!

We rolled out the red carpet (literally) and managed to have everything ready on time—including delicious snacks and cocktails! There were musicians and comedians for entertainment, along with live streaming to all social platforms, SABC, and a big LED screen. We were also chuffed with the impressive stage design elements and our finishing touches.

Proudest Events of 2022 - Awards Event | Focus Rooms
Proudest Events of 2022 - Leadership Conference | Focus Rooms

A Leadership Conference with a High-End Set-Up for Respected Bank

One of the exciting elements of this event was that we customised many aspects in hopes to provide everything our lovely clients wanted and more.

It was a live-stream event with a very high-tech set-up. We catered to 196 guests on the first day and 150 attendees on the second. They were served sushi, salmon, and a delicious, customised menu. We even made sure all décor revolved around and complimented one huge centrepiece that represented the client’s brand.

We created a stunning set-up for thank-you gifts provided to all attendees. Plus, there was a VIP room for one special (famous) attendee. We were happy that in the end, all was immaculate.

Graduation for 400 People

This one will forever be remembered for the lovely emotional aspect of the event.

We hosted proud students, parents, and educators alike.

On top of being able to celebrate with them in person, we live-streamed it so that those who couldn’t make it out could tune in as well. In addition to streaming, there were data projectors in the space so no one could miss a thing.

The highlight of the day was when parents celebrated and cheered for the students with joy as they were leaving.

Proudest Events of 2022 - Graduation Ceremony | Focus Rooms
Proudest Events of 2022 - Roadshow Events | Focus Rooms

Roadshow Event for One of SA’s Largest Banks

One of the bigger bank chains in South Africa chose Focus Rooms to host a roadshow event this year.

To create an elegant and sophisticated feel we used high-end tables, chairs and linens along with top-notch audio-visual equipment.

To tickle the taste buds there were canapes, sushi and a divine custom menu which was created by one of our catering team’s finest chefs.

There was very unique centre stage and lounge pocket setups to allow for successful relationship-building and networking opportunities throughout the event.

Product Launch for a Well-Known Medical Aid Enterprise

This function was super special to host because we watched as no attendee left without feeling appreciated and special.

The client brought 250 ottomans to take comfort to new heights while reinforcing their strong branding. There were gifts for their brokers, and we had the awesome opportunity to set up a really cool gifting booth.

We even set up streaming that linked to their various platforms. Overall, it was a 2-hour event that ran smoothly. Reinforcing that there are no small functions when hosted with passion.

Proudest Events of 2022 - Product Launch Events | Focus Rooms

In 2022 we got to know so many new faces and shared our love of Focus with them.

In 2022 we were lucky enough to host a wide range of different events for various industries and the above doesn’t even begin to cover it all.
We are thankful to say that because of our large base of wonderful clients, we have ended the year off strong.

Our events venue is going from strength to strength and we can’t wait to welcome you back for functions that are even bigger than the last!

Start planning your 2023 event now and get excited because (as shown above) with Focus Rooms, the sky is the limit.

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